Wednesday, August 04, 2010

John Hughes RIP - Screen Cinema

Dublin's Screen Cinema is having a weekend tribute to the wonderful John Hughes who died a year ago this week. Kicking off on Friday night with a 35mm screening of The Breakfast Club, then what better way to start your Saturday night than hanging out with Ferris Bueller. Sunday evening sees my personal favourite teen movie of all time, Pretty in Pink. Nobody epitomised 80's fringe culture like Molly Ringwald. Her style, her attitude personified the wildness of the youth of the 80's! But she's not the reason we're here. The reason we're here is one Mr. John Hughes.

After his death last year I posted a very sentimental, very intensely worshippy blog about why the man was a genius and how it's easy to forget why he made such a mark on the world. You can check it out here and decide whether it's worth checking out but I'm telling you now, it totally is!

The Breakfast Club: Apart from having the most 80's soundtrack ever built, the most 80's dance ever danced and the most stinging insults ever slung ("DoesBarry Manilow know that you raid his wardrobe?"), The Breakfast Club is a biting insight into the world of isolation that everyone endures. High school stereotypes provide a microcosm of the human struggle to be recognised for who they are and reinforces the idea that we are who we are inside our own heads, even if the world can't see us that's also a bagload of fun!!

Pretty in Pink : Unjustly seen as a silly rom-com, this mopey teen romance suffers from the same ailment as it's heroine Andie. It lives on the fringes, not mainstream enough to be classic and not alternative enough to be cool. However, it must be said that Pretty in Pink certainly has style! And kudos for not letting Andie end up with Duckie just because we all feel sorry for him. Few films make bold statements about going for someone because it "feels" right, even if the audience doesn't like it. Brave move, and the movie has always suffered for it! Young James Spader proves yet again why he's the greatest villainous actor ever and look out for a young Ellen Tighe for all you Battlestar nerds!

Ferris Bueller's Day Off: What can I say? If good will were hydrogen molecules, this film would be a mushroom cloud! Ferris, Cameron and Sloane take a wild ride from the subarbs to the city with trials and tribulations aplenty. Tremedous fun ensues and treachery comes in the form of the evil Mr. Rooney. Great stuff. come see it!

Anybody convinced yet???!!!

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