Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Grown-Ups Premiere!!

No, this is not a review...I was,unfortunately, on the outside looking in for this one. Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, David Spade and Kevin James were in Dublin tonight for the premiere of their new film Grown-Ups. Among the throngs of fans, Jedward-spotters and rude Spanish students with pointy elbows was me with my camera and my beautiful special edition Punch Drunk Love DVD. I know this is a one-way ticket to film critic oblivion but I don't care, I'll admit it loud and clear I love Adam Sandler. He's been my favourite since I first fell in love with him in The Wedding Singer. And no amount of really, really dreadful films can ever change that!

I was uber-excited when I heard he'd be in town and even though I know someday I'll be in a position to interview him for this very blog, I grabbed my Punch Drunk Love DVD and queued and squished and pushed and pulled for a couple of hours and it was totally worth it!!

David Spade arrived first, followed shortly by Chris Rock who seemed unusually subdued. Perhaps his great new documentary Good Hair isn't getting the audience it deserves. Crowds went insane for Kevin James who inconceivably got perhaps more red carpet love than Sandler himself. Do that many people love King of Queens. Hmm...apparently so!

Adam Sandler arrived dressed in what was nothing short of an Adam Sandler costume, backwards cap, scruffy jeans, t-shirt and plaid shirt. He worked the crowd for about 20 minutes before being ushered to the stage to receive his personalised Dublin GAA jersey from 98FM. The boys quickly posed all together then went inside to watch the movie (or hang out till the crowd leave then scarper off to the pub).

Fun was had by all, but especially me because I have such love for Sandler it's ridiculous!

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