Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My films of the year

Hi everyone,

It amuses me as I look back through my reviews on this blog that I have given five films five stars this year. So, I guess these films would represent my favourite films of the past year. Of course, there were other films that I very much enjoyed but didn't review for whatever reason, such as Eastern Promises, Planet Terror (NOT Death Proof), There Will Be Blood, Reign Over Me, Once, Superbad, The Bourne Ultimatum, Beowulf, Breach, Waitress, Garage, Hairspray and many many more. However, having a blog means I can recap on my own thoughts at the end of the year and I surprised myself by what turns out to be my top 5 of 2007. Here goes (oh, I put these in order, that was challenging)

5. Blades of Glory
4. Zodiac
3. No Country For Old Men
2. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
1. A Prairie Home Companion

The top three are pretty much a tie but A Prairie Home Companion edges in cos its soooo warm-hearted. It has killed me every time I've watched it. I surprised myself to see I gave Blades of Glory 5 stars. Not very Trinity Film Graduate of me. But y'know, fuck it! No apologies! I think its worthy of 5 stars. I loved it :)

Anyway, not that anyone cares, but they are my top 5 of 2007.

Happy 2008,


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